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Throughout his ministry, Jesus met with those on the edge of society, and demonstrated the incredible love and acceptance God had for them.

We want to follow Jesus’ example and show homeless and disadvantaged people in and around Worksop how much God loves them through our actions and words.

The '7 Project' Community Drop-In Centre has an 'open door' policy for men and women who are marginalised through life controlling addictions i.e. drug, alcohol and mental health issues resulting in prolific offending, homelessness, little or no income etc. within our local community of Worksop.

We want our 'clients' to be able to relax in a safe and supportive environment. Receive breakfast and/or lunch in pleasant surroundings. We have the necessary facilities available for both men and women to take showers and the provision for washing and drying of clothes. We intend to empower both men and women who enter our doors. Offer practical information and advice that is available to them in the local and surrounding area.

The 7 Project Community Drop-in Centre will act as a sign-posting advocate whose sole purpose is to help by giving a range of sound choices to those who are most disadvantaged within our community.

"7 Project" aims to build on its experiences, we want to reach out to more men and women with individual tailored support for THEIR road to recovery. Please keep an eye on our Website.

Take a look at our 'LISTEN' page to hear personal testimonies of 'life changers'

You will find more info about 7 Project what we do on our website.

7 Project Poem

A God given place for the lost and forgotten
A place to worship the son who's begotten
When you come through the door you're met with a smile
Even if you think you're bad or vile

If it's a hot cuppa or food that you need
There's always enough provision to feed
You'll have a chance to relax eat or talk
Regardless of background, race, creed or walk

You'll often find a hug or even a shoulder
Under the wings of the glorious beholder
Many came forward to share their story
How God saved them from gutter to glory

Covered in prayer right from the start
God's great helpers with a great big heart
Such a calm and peaceful place 
Somewhere you can find a friendly face 

Our Glorious God shows himself so many times 
He has a plan and makes it shine 
We are often blessed with a glimpse of heaven 
Lives transformed under the roof of Project 7

By Joel Hatfield

Should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact Shaun Cummings (7 Project Coordinator)

Tel. (07923) 109652 or Email.


7 Project

7 Project - Gospel Hall 
14 Church Walk 
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