7 Project "What"

7 Project aims to offer clients a POSITIVE solution to gain freedom from their life controlling addictions. We do this by offering clients support in their recovery and the opportunity to apply a suitable rehabilitation organisation who have high success rates for clients completing a structured programme.

What we do

The Community Drop In offers a SAFE environment and a place of acceptance; a link between street life, loneliness and a better future. It can, for some, provide a bridge to “Recovery”. We have experience with many different individuals, many of whom are isolated, homeless, have a substance misuse issue, prolific offending, as well as mental health problems.

We start the day by offering free tea, coffee, biscuits inside the Drop In each Tuesday and Friday morning from 10.15am, followed by breakfast. This gives opportunities for rough sleepers to contact emergency accommodation providers.

At the Community Drop In, we provide hot meals, light snacks, drinks and support. We also provide the following services:- showers, laundry facilities, access to clothing, signposting to all primary health services e.g. - GPs, Drug/Alcohol Workers and other Health Professionals. We also provide access to advocacy, advice and support. The Community Drop In maintains strong links with local providers of specialist services relevant to our clients’ welfare and particular needs. We strive to be seen as a good and safe point of contact as well as an IMPARTIAL meeting place. For many service users, the Community Drop in is the only place where they can socialise and the only place they feel CONFIDENT enough to try and make POSITIVE changes to their lives.

The Community Drop In offers a 'safe place' where people can build and develop life skills such as communication and interaction with others. It is a fact that people can become institutionalised to life on the streets within 3 weeks. Many of those on the streets often perceive they have no responsibilities and dont realise they are amongst the most vulnerable adults within our community.